April 21, 2018

Maybe Bad Air Is Keeping Me Awake?

After more and more reading about sleep problems, I got onto the subject of how air pollution affects sleep. Sure, I don’t live somewhere with horrible pollution problems, but I’m sure the air quality in my home isn’t the best ever.


I have a bad habit of smoking indoors. When people come over, which seems like a pretty regular occurrence anymore, they usually smoke inside too. I always try to keep the windows open for a fresh breeze, but it definitely doesn’t get all of the smell out. So I’m assuming there’s still bad stuff that may be keeping me from sleeping at night.


Sure, I could move outside for my occasional smoke, but I’m pretty set in my ways. This got me set reading reviews of air purifiers because of how OCD I am. I have to check out every single option when I’m shopping.


Lo and behold it seems clean air is going to be out of my reach. From what it seems, a real working purifier starts at $400-500 and goes up from there. That’s way more than I had planned but everything in my budget seems to only work on tiny rooms or simply not at all.


Oh well, back to the drawing board… unless one of you want to donate an air purifier to my cause :-).

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